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List Building: Top 5 Ways to Ignite Your Opt-In List

List building is important no matter what business you're in. If you're serious about building a business, then you need to think outside of the basics. Here are some of the top five ways that can help you think differently about list building.

The first way is the specific date technique. You can tell your potential subscribers that they will receive a special offer if they sign up for your list. Be sure to put a specific date on the offer like before midnight or the end of the day.

The second way is the so many minutes technique. You can tell your potential subscribers that if they subscribe within so many minutes, they can get a free bonus. You can have a countdown clock on your website that shows how much time they have left to subscribe. If the offer is enticing enough, the people will subscribe within the time allotted.

The third way is here's your lesson technique. Tell your potential subscribers that they will get free report if they subscribe. Once they subscribe, you can give them the report in the form of a daily or weekly lesson in an autoresponder series. You can have an ad at the bottom of the lesson promoting your business.

The fourth way is the e-report technique. With this technique, you can entice your potential subscribers that they will receive a free e-report for subscribing. You can write a 5-12 page report and when people subscribe you can send them the link to download it and have a pre-written thank you email to send to your subscribers which include your ad for your business. As a side note, instead of writing the report yourself, you can have access to over 700 e-books that you can use to supply you with information for your report. To find out how this program can help you. You can go to: []

The fifth way is the tease me technique. This technique attracts subscribers because you tell your subscribers that they will get a free sample chapter of your e-book if they subscribe. People always like to get a sneak preview of a product before the general public and even if they don't buy your e-book, you'll be able to promote something else to them in the future. The e-book can also talk about something that they can relate to or something that leads into what you're promoting. If you are looking for an e-book or information you want to use to promote with, remember, you can always check out my website which provides these tools at a very low cost. Plus, you can find out how you can use our system to create an unlimited leveraged income.


The topic of growing your opt-in list can be fascinating and ever changing. Once you're familiar with these ideas, you can be ready to take your business to the next level. Keep in mind that there are so many ways in addition to these that you can attract subscribers so don't limit yourself. The more you know, the easier it will be to focus on what's important.

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