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Keep Your Baby Safe and Snug In Bed

For your newborn's arrival, you would want to create the same safe and peaceful environment he knew inside your womb. His nursery, and most especially his crib, would be his new nurturing place when he's not in your arms. As such, you would only want the best baby products for your sweet, little angel. During the first few months of his life, your baby will be spending two-thirds of his day, every day, snug in his crib, sleeping.To keep him warm, comfortable, and safe while he's sleeping, opt for an organic baby mattress for your bundle of joy.

Many parents are not aware that regular baby products, including baby mattresses, are made using synthetic materials that contain harmful chemicals. When your baby sleeps on a synthetic mattress, he is exposed to toxic materials that can affect his delicate body. His many body systems are still not yet fully developed and cannot provide the protection he needs against harmful environmental substances. Additionally, exposure to dangerous chemicals can affect proper development. In fact, there have been studies that have looked into the possible link between synthetic bedding and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Babies have more to benefit from organic baby products compared to adults because their small bodies absorb more toxic chemicals for every pound of their weight than adults' bodies do. With your baby spending at least 16 hours each day sleeping, you would not want him breathing in chemicals that are harmful to his health. You can ensure that your baby has a safe and healthy sleeping environment by purchasing an organic crib mattress. When you go out to find one for your newborn, however, there are a lot of choices available and choosing the best one for your child can be difficult.

Here are some tips to help you find only the best product for your baby. Your baby's comfort should be one of your top priorities. A good organic baby mattress should be firm enough to adequately support your baby's delicate body. Organic crib mattresses are made with natural materials which provide the right amount of firmness you are looking for; these materials also make the mattress durable as well as comfortable.

Another important consideration is your baby's safety.Conventional mattresses are made fire-retardant by using chemicals such as phosphorus and arsenic. It was only recently that experts have found that these chemicals, when used in baby mattresses, can be harmful to a baby's health.The natural fibers used in organic crib mattresses, however, are naturally fire retardant and meet U.S. flame-retardant guidelines.

Choose the right size organic crib mattress for your baby.The space between the inside frame of the crib and the edge of the crib mattress should not fit more than two of your fingers.Fortunately, most organic baby mattresses are made to fit just right inside standard size cribs.

Remember that not all organic crib mattresses are made the same; the quality of some is still better than others. Of course, with good quality comes a higher price. Shop around and compare prices and features.You should expect that organic crib mattresses to be more expensive than conventional ones. Find the best quality mattress that fits your budget but don't forget that your baby's health is still more important than saving money.

You can also opt to get an organic crib sheet and/or an organic mattress cover. When purchasing baby products, you would only want to get the best for your newborn. Create a safe and healthy sleeping environment for your baby by getting him a good quality organic baby mattress.

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