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Greek Apparels In Fashion

I have been watching with interest that the students who are leaving college this year seem to be buying all sorts of things to remind them of their time at college. They are buying lots of items with logos on from the college shop. They seem to be taking lots of photographs and ordering prints for each other and swapping them around.

Many people suddenly seem to be wearing greek sweatshirts which look very stylish. I think that when you are about to leave a place, you suddenly start liking it more than you ever realised. You think about all the things that you are going to miss, all of the things that you will no longer be able to do. You think about all of the friends that you have made over the years and whether you will manage to keep in touch with them and if you do for how long. It is lovely to buy something that will help you to preserve all of the lovely memories that you have had, all of the fun, laughter and parties as well as the studying and things you have learned. I think everyone keeps something from their college years, as a memory, to preserve and show their children and grand children even if it is only their certificates and a few photos.

I think that buying clothes is another good way of keeping those memories alive. However, I would not want to wear one, if I was intending on keeping it because it might not wash well. I think that if I was going to buy something like some sorority apparel or fraternity apparel I would get something different as a keepsake and get the clothing to wear while I was attending college. Or I would buy something like a cap that I would keep and not wear or wear very rarely. I might even buy something that was not clothing maybe something like a paddle which is more durable and looks really nice displayed on the wall. But the best memory, for me is a photograph. There you can relive a situation, see the happy faces of your friends, see the rooms that you lived and studied in and generally have a preserved memory. With digital cameras and camera phones it is really easy to take lots of pictures at all occasions and preserve them all of a CD ready to look at as you get older.

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