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Another Book Off to the Publisher

When you are writing online your format is different than when you are having a book published off line whether that is self publishing or having a publisher doing that for you.
Most people use Microsoft Word to write documents and the default page size is the 8 1/2 X 11.
If you also want to be published, decide which size you are going to have as a finished book and set your page size accordingly before you begin.
If you do this when you start you will not have to go back and transfer your information to a smaller size later if you decide you want to have a published copy of your information.
This way you can use the content on or offline and do that more easily.
It is exciting to see your writing come to a finished product in book form you can hold in your hand.
Something that for many is a long process.
It is actually quite easy with the tools we have available to us today so I want to encourage you to press toward that goal and break through any blocks you might encounter.
Even if you only have 1 copy on your shelf, it is a very gratifying experience to hold that book in your hand.
Not only do you see a finished product but you can have the experience of finishing what you wanted to say and share with others.
Your first published book will always be one of your special memories and each that you have published later will just add to your sense of accomplishment.
There is nothing else quite like it in the world so again, I encourage you to press toward that goal.
Story lines are everywhere, holiday events and family gatherings are coming up where you can gather stories and allow yourself the luxury of sharing those experiences and stories with the others of us in the world who will not have those experiences if we are not able to share with you through your words.
Offline or online or both we are waiting to hear about what is happening with you!

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