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Smoother Navigation Using the TomTom One 130 Portable GPS

If all you're looking for in a GPS system is functionality, reliability, and affordability without a lot of extra bells and whistles to get in the way, you might take a look at the TomTom One 130 Portable GPS.
Not only does this unit look great and operate smoothly, but it also has features that guarantee you flawless and effortless navigation at an affordable price.
You can even have some fun with it.
The entire unit is designed to be user-friendly and will operate perfectly right out of the box.
Enter the address of your destination on the easy-to-read touch screen, and the GPS will route you to wherever you want to go in the United States or Canada.
By giving you turn-by-turn spoken directions, you'll never need to take your eyes off of your driving to read the screen.
However, you may be tempted to take a look, anyway, since the TomTom One 130 Portable GPS offers really great, full-color 3D graphics that are a joy to see.
With millions of pre-loaded points of interest, the TomTom One 130 can help you find the services you're looking for.
Say it's time for lunch, and you're absolutely starving, yet you haven't seen any signs advertising restaurants.
Touch your GPS screen, and you'll receive all the information you need.
Or maybe it's getting late, and you're afraid of falling asleep at the wheel, but you haven't seen a motel.
Once again, touch your GPS screen, and it will locate nearby hotels and motels.
After you select one, your TomTom will give you a route that will take your right to the front door.
When you're traveling you may occasionally have an emergency situation which would require the assistance of local police, firefighters, or hospitals, but it can be very difficult finding these services on the road when you need them.
With your TomTom One 130 GPS system, you can use the HelpMe menu to help you find the exact services you need.
Once you have them on your cell phone, you'll be able to tell them where to find you by using the Where am I? function to exactly pinpoint your location.
Other safety features on the unit include award-winning navigation software, a safety preferences menu, and a 30-day latest map guarantee.
Even when traveling alone you can feel safe and secure.
Reviews written by customers who have used the TomTom One 130 have been enthusiastic in their praise of the unit.
Some of their favorable comments have included: * Great routing to any destination * Basic GPS with ease-of-operation with no extra functions to get in the way * Extremely accurate time estimates * Convenient, foldable mount which you can easily snap out and take with you * Celebrity voices you can choose from to announce the directions.
How fun is that? As you'd expect, some customers have been less than happy with their GPS system, because of their own personal preferences.
Although these people have made such comments as that they feel the mounting hardware is cheap and the sound isn't loud enough to hear, other customers have commented favorably about the same things.
When you get right down to it, the only way you're going to know if the TomTom One 130 Portable GPS is the right one for you is by actually checking it out.

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