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Silk Screening Information


    • Silk screening is the use of a taut, fine screen filled partially with photo emulsion to produce stencils for printing images.

    Common Uses

    • Silk screening is used for a variety of purposes, including printing on metal signs and the bottoms of skateboards, but is most commonly known for printing designs on clothing.


    • The only basic requirements are that the screen can lie flat against the surface to be printed and that the ink or paint used will adhere to the surface.

    Photo Emulsion

    • Photo emulsion is a liquid that hardens and solidifies permanently when exposed to light and heat. It is applied to the entire screen except the area of the image to produce the stencil.

    Screen Mesh

    • Silk screeners use a wide range of mesh counts (number of threads per inch) in their screens to accommodate different inks and uses. Depending on the project, the mesh count may vary anywhere from 38 to 420.

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