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Cast Iron - The "Hottest" Cookware on the Market

People are very interested in buying "green" products, especially nowadays. This is because many products contain synthetic materials which have recently been found to pose a lot of health risks. Warnings like this have been popping up in a range of different products, from fertilizer to microwave popcorn. Even health supplements don't seem to be safe from this disturbing and dangerous trend. This may come as a surprise to some, but another line of products that have been shown to contain materials that are hazardous to our health is cookware. The type with non-stick surfaces have recently come under fire for using a material that, when heated to a certain temperature, creates toxic fumes that are lethal to birds and poisonous to humans. As a result, green cookware products are increasing in popularity, of which cast iron is one example.
Cast iron was first invented by the Chinese in the sixth century B.C. It was used to make weapons and figurines in this period. The Europeans then picked it up in the 14th century, and by 1619, North America had its first ironworks. In the late 1800s, stoves as well as pots and pans made from this material had become a mainstay in American homes. An alloy of iron, carbon, and silicon, it is melted and then poured into molds to create different objects, such as the ones mentioned above.
As cookware, it has many advantages. It provides a non-stick surface when well-seasoned, meaning lightly oiled and baked. In fact, it can be seen as the precursor to today's non-stick cookware, although it is a lot more environmentally-friendly and safe. These are additional advantages of cast iron pots. They are durable, made from sustainable material which lasts years, and they are non-toxic and healthy. They are also versatile and can be used in a variety of cooking methods. They are good for the stove, oven, and camping. In addition, this material retains heat well and distributes it evenly, making it great for baking.
It also has some health effects. Because small amounts of iron leach into the food, people who are iron deficient may see some positive health effects by using cast iron cookware. People who have too much iron in their system, though, may want to stay away from this type. There are many different types of cookware products made from this material, not just pots. Some other products include double burner griddles, biscuit pans, kettles, skillets, and a whole variety of cookware. Using this type of cookware would be a wise decision. For more information, please visit

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