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Choosing A Industrial Printers For Your Business

One of the essential products for industries today is printer. With the increased use of computers in every kind of industry, the use of printers has also been increased. Apart from the general use of getting the hard copy of industrial data, industrial printers are used for bar code printing, stamp printing, carton printing and even printing on wood for certain lumber industries.

The different kinds of industrial printers available are:

1. Industrial printing equipment: This is a wider category of printers in which printers are used for screen printing, digital printing, label printing, letterpress printing and flexographic printing. Screen printing uses a screen to transfer the image to another medium. Digital printing directly transfers the image to be printed from a file to the printing material. The printers used for commercial purpose are required to be more efficient than the ones used at home.

2. Bar code printers: Whenever you purchase an industry manufactured product, you will always notice a bar code at the cover of the product. These are like the price tags of the products. These are used where computerized billing is done. These bar codes are also printed with help of printers. While choosing a bar code printer, there are several points which are needed to be considered like the resolution it offers, the printing rate and the width. Bar code printers may be ink-jet printers, daisy wheel printers, thermal transfer printers or laser printers. So according to your requirements, you can choose a printer with the most suitable features.

3. Kiosk and POS printers: These are utilized in businesses making use of kiosks or point- of- sale terminals. These are the devices for electronic bill payments and electronic cash registers. These printers use technologies like dot- matrix and thermal printing.

4. Label printers: Each and every product sold in market needs to have a label glued to it featuring the brand name and its specifications. Label printers are used to print such adhesive stamps or print labels which a normal printer cannot print. In addition to that, label printers can also be used to print bar codes, thus serving the purpose of two.

5. CD printers: Compact discs are a very handy and affordable medium for storing your data. The CD industries use a special kind of printer for printing on CDs. The first consideration for CD printers is resolution. The printer should provide high resolution to give a good picture quality coloured print. It should be fast in printing and drying. It should be compatible with different softwares and expandable in case you want to step up your production a later stage. Choose printers which are easy to mount and assemble in case shifting is required.

Now that you have chosen a printer you want for your industry depending upon its technology and applications, there are a few other considerations to look at like the brand of the product before buying it online. You should see the experiences of the previous customers of the company. Ask the sales person about:

- shipment time
- whether they are going to install it at your place or there are some additional charges for that
- the warranty that they are offering and the things which are covered under it

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