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Five Best Heart Healthy Tips

Are you interested in living a long and healthy life? Of course you are.
All of us want to live long and be healthy.
Perhaps the best place to start when considering health and longevity, is to start with the very best heart healthy tips.
After all, if we keep our hearts healthy and sound, it stands to reason that we have a much better chance of living long and healthy.
In this article, you are going to discover some of my personal recommendations for keeping you and your heart healthy and strong.
As with any successful program, we must start with a strong foundation first.
The foundation that all other health goals and habits start with, is good and proper nutrition.
Based on this statement, read on and you will discover some simple and very effective heart healthy tips.
Heart Healthy Tip: 1.
All good health is built upon great nutrition.
- What you eat may very well be THE most important thing you can do for your health.
Those who have read my writings before know that I am a proponent of low-carb and high-protein.
We humans have adapted to the low-carb and high-protein diet over countless generations, and science is finding out more everyday about the benefits of the low-carb lifestyle.
Supplement your low-carb menu with herbs, minerals, and all natural vitamins.
- For example, I currently take a kelp herbal blend 3 times daily, Hawthorne Berry for my heart and circulation 2 times daily, Vitamin D3, 5000 IU twice daily (this protects you from flu and has MANY other beneficial effects), Selenium, 200mcg once a day (to help ward off cancer and protect heart health), and Potassium once daily.
Get twenty minutes of sunshine EVERYDAY! - Fresh, unfiltered sunshine is so beneficial, I could write many dozens of pages on it's benefits.
For the purpose of this article; I'll list these known benefits of sunshine: Sunshine protects against cancer, produces vast quantities of vitamin D by converting cholesterol to vitamin D, improves mood, fights off depression and on and on...
Walk two miles or 45 minutes EVERYDAY.
- Walk at a moderate, not slow/not fast pace.
There is NO need to walk 'briskly'.
Walking is the ultimate form of exercise.
We were designed to walk.
It burns calories and fat, increases our metabolism, keeps our joints free and limber, and is just plain good for the soul.
There is no need to run or exercise until it hurts, or to the point of exhaustion, walking is far better and safer for you.
Sleep 7 hours minimum per night, 8 is preferable, and take frequent naps when possible.
- Sleep (not rest) rebuilds, restores, refreshes and is perhaps the most important heart healthy tip! Entire courses and thousands of books have dealt with the importance of sleep.
I practice these five heart healthy tips everyday of my life.
Nineteen years ago, I was very sick.
I cured myself with these five heart healthy tips.
I believe you can too.
I have not been to a doctor for an illness in over fifteen years! I did it by practicing these five heart healthy tips I have shared with you today.

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