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2011 - A Year Of Illumination

Although 2011 begins a new decade, the new numerological cycle actually started in 2010.
The year 2010 was the beginning of a new cycle and brought with it an opportunity to advance through creative endeavors.
It was a new beginning, and can be illustrated by looking at our mass experiences.
It was a wonderful time to get back to basics, to take care of your home, your children and focus on your spirituality.
It was a perfect year to center on self-actualization.
Well, 2011 builds on 2010 but will not only be focused on new beginnings, it will also be a year of illumination.
The word illumination means: To provide or brighten with light, to make understandable, clarify, to endow with fame or splendor, or to expose.
In other words, to shine a spotlight on you and what you are doing.
Let's look at 2011 in detail.
Joining the vibration of illumination, 2011 is also in the one thousand year movement toward diplomacy.
This means we will continue as a world consciousness to move toward understanding the other side and moving toward the middle.
We have seen this outplayed in the masses this year with diplomacy being used more in our international political strategy.
Diplomacy is the vibration that will be with us throughout the 2000s.
Besides the vibration of diplomacy and illumination, the major vibration of 2011 is the number four, which is the ultimate number for order.
This means that 2011 will be a year for order universally and in your individual life.
While 2009 was a year of release, it was an end of a cycle and the bad and good was highlighted or over exaggerated.
2010 was the year of new beginnings, and called on us all to use our creativity.
Now, 2011 is the year of order.
It is time to put our lives, all that we learned and newly created into order.
It will make way to the year of Freedom, which comes in 2012.
Yes, life is a series of cycles.
Ups, downs and movement to and fro in order to move us closer to who we truly are.
This year should be a good year for all of us, if we have done what we needed to the last two years, by releasing those things that did not work any longer and creating new ones.
It should be a year that will help you build a new foundation based on new found ideas.
It should be a year where your ideas are illuminated and becomes highlighted for all the world to see.
So to sum it up, 2011 is the year of illumination, diplomacy and order.
It is time to put your world in order, use diplomacy and know that what you have created will be illuminated.
With this in mind, I wish you the best 2011 possible for you.

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