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How to Wrap a Subwoofer Enclosure

    • 1). Measure the sides of your subwoofer enclosure. Mark the back of the carpet with a pattern about 1/4-inch larger than the side of the subwoofer enclosure. Box carpet is available from fabric stores and often from car audio stores. It is a carpet designed especially to wrap speaker enclosures.

    • 2). Cut out the pieces of the box carpet using the utility knife.

    • 3). Spray the back of the fabric and the side of the box with the spray adhesive or spread the wood glue around. Place the fabric over the side of the box so a little material hangs over each side. By placing a little extra material on when you glue and staple the carpet in place, you can match the edge of the material for the edge of the box more easily. Staple the edges of the fabric with the staple gun to hold it in place.

    • 4). Cut the excess material off with the utility knife. Move slowly and cut along the edge of the box, keeping the edge of the material as close to the edge of the box as possible.

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