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What is the role of yoga in the modern world?

People in our time are experiencing constant frustration. Endless attempts to answer it can be expressed in works of art and science. Such methods and techniques a person reaches the milestones on the path to absolute truth. Man creator ever created something, because his life is full of questions. If a person creates nothing, then he has no issues.

Why India does not become a great country of technological development and scientific progress? Great yogis of India learned the "Single" for a complete calm, and ceased to exist for others. Delightful discoveries and insights of Indian yogis do not become the property of society, the impetus for the development of any society. Absolute emotional balance exclude natural tendency to socially significant actions blocked personal activity. People of the Western mind had lost the necessary capacity balancing. This gave rise to problems of the opposite properties, but not less blind.

Mystics of all ages and nations lost the positive, cognitive activity due to contact with "the One". They preached their only escape from the bustle of the world as a means of comprehending the truth, without any further action on the basis of the comprehended.

Western man must acquire the ability to literacy attainment of equilibrium and integrity of the psyche. The nature of the planet and humanity as a whole may have irreversible destructive consequences of feverish technological race, which is accelerated with an increase in senseless and painful desires.

Requires a compromise between Western and Eastern thinking and way of life.

We should be able to create periods of deep serenity and balance among the frenetic flow of events of everyday life. Complete withdrawal in a ghostly world of happiness, which is indifferent to everything, is a dead-end solution.

Constant voltages result in a deadlock as well. Man must learn to gather together the scattered thoughts and dissipate their thinking from one point.

Why do we ask questions? We have someone of something ask to learn something. Then acquiring knowledge is the basis for making certain decisions and actions. Complete lack of issues and the loss of all interest in life is possible only with the cessation of life. Sane person will not reach peace and balance in this way.

Virtual world draws a person completely, balanced becomes the absolute and irreversible, which actually means the death in life. The Buddha realized that the person is able to return to the world and act in it, going from one extreme to another for some time. Buddhist yoga preached a positive activity and a desire to help people on their personal examples.

Buddha was keenly aware of those two dangers deadlock scenario: the dissolution of personality in an endless game of phantoms of consciousness and "infected" with the Absolute. He considered unacceptable offensive indifference, paralysis of all kinds of human activity.

Feeling of constant dissatisfaction is considered one of the engines of progress in the West. In the East it is always seen as a negative state. Such dissatisfaction can be pathological and lead to mental illness. Hindus are in a mass of internally balanced human beings, no matter what the external conflict, according to religious principles or a traditional upbringing. They have an element of self-sufficiency, which significantly limits the occurrence and development of anger, hatred, and anger.

Western man in constant fear not achieve the result obtained is not what I expected. That's all it overtaxes, because it has to personally oversee the set of life events and processes from start to finish.

The practice of yoga teaches people to relax in life, to find a temporary light-heartedness and a positive attitude.

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