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Sole Authority on Jesus Christ

The Sole authorities on Jesus Christ have created hypocritical inferiority and racial bankruptcy among the black clergy which I deem a criminal offense. This is basically caused by €academic patriotism€ directed against those it confuses and corrupts in making them believe that academic degrees in what they call Religion and Theology are in themselves €Truth and Authority.€ It's believed by this group that an €academic kosher certificate€ automatically brings knowledge about the beginning and ending of the world.

The first religious training institution in America was Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland and of course its foundation included slavery. This fact must be recognized among the black clergy who fail to recognize the mental bondage one falls under when attending these institutions. Even more tragic is their desire to come back to what we know as €the hood€ and place these mental chains and shackles on their congregations. These leaders must begin to realize the importance of identifying the foundation that has been established thousands of years ago for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The majority fail to promote or embrace their African Heritage due to their fear of white society's misunderstanding of this effort. Politics are of no importance when you are proud of who you are.

It is a known fact, that our people's distasteful behavior have been amplified by media which driven me to incorporate a very similar message used by the one referred to as Jesus Christ. We read in Matthew 15:22-24 And behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coast and cried unto him€¦..But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the Lost sheep of the house of Israel. Since I realize this approach is paramount for assisting those in need and not rejecting those with good fortune there is no shame in my game. As I said before, I believe in the Most High God and all people are welcome to attend our services and participate in this mission. Don't get it twisted; my people need help, Period!

Embrace this, €if€ Black people enslaved Europeans (white people) for more than 400 years, gave large numbers of those enslaved 40 acres and a mule in 1865 then took it all back within a few months, control business & industry and became billionaires from free labor, took land from the Indians and forced them to live on reservations, had 25 times more wealth than the average white family, possessed the ingenious ability to make others believe they could achieve whatever they set their minds to, established unethical methods that required civil right laws and quotas, had a manipulating influence over society through multi-media and entertainment, I'm sure my organization would be called €the European Consultation Heritage Center€, because in my opinion, it makes no difference who's at the bottom or disadvantaged it my job to assist with pulling them up so they can live as equals. Peace, Love and Understanding in the name of the Creator!

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