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The Best-Selling LXE Handheld Computers and Data Collection Solutions

LXE Inc.
is one of the well-known companies which design wireless computers and data collection solutions which help in enhancing the entire supply chain performance.
LXE designs rugged wireless computing products are critical in supporting logistics and other warehouse related applications.
LXE is owned by EMS Technologies, Inc.
The company has a plethora of rugged computers and barcode readers but here are three of the best-selling ones which have ruled the market recently.
LXE Tecton is one such version of handheld mobile computer which is flexible enough to fit any need since it is light-weight and designed for scan-intensive picking.
It has rugged IP-65 rating because of its sturdiness and able to withstand drops from 6 ft.
on concrete.
The computer comes turbo-charged with the PXA320 806 MHz processor and houses the Windows Mobile 6.
5 or CE 6.
0 operating system.
The Tecton is one of the preferred gadgets in warehouse computing technology.
The Tecton's enhanced performance does not compromise on any field-proven ruggedness that LXE customers trust.
Keypads can withstand airborne and even spilled chemical agents and deterrent to wear and tear.
The components are well soldered and glued with integrated circuit boards and hence extremely resistant to shocks.
One can deploy Tecton anywhere and everywhere with the incredible ToughTalk technology which is suited for voice-driven applications.
There are many other accessories too which are backward compatible for any of the LXE installations which are already present.
LXE HX2 is a simple voice-dedicated data collection computer with wearable data collection terminals utilizing LXE's exclusive ToughTalk technology.
It carries HX2 ruggedized system design and fantastic circuitry for audio and noise cancellation.
They can even support the existing voice logistics applications in the most demanding conditions.
LXE Marathon is a relentlessly uncompromising piece of technology specially designed for hard-working mobile workers.
It boasts of a very huge screen size and features better power for computing than an average PDA.
Its size is smaller than the laptop and is laced with a plethora of connectivity options.
The Marathon is ideal for mobile workers who can utilize it for route accounting, and overall public safety.
The Marathon field computer utilizes the Gobi technology which helps the Marathon computer to connect through either GSM- or CDMA-based mobile carriers.
The mercurial handheld computer can also connect to the Wi-Fi network locally while its Bluetooth connectivity is serviceable enough to provide users with multiple connectivity options.

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