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Cold and Flu Symptoms During Pregnancy


    • The most common cold and flu symptom during pregnancy is the presence of a cough.

    Sore Throat

    • Another common symptom of both cold and flu during pregnancy is a sore throat. This may be partly due to a cough, but also the sickness as well.

    Stuffy Nose and Sneezing

    • A woman who catches a cold during pregnancy will usually suffer from a stuffy nose and some sneezing. An expectant mother may experience these two symptoms with the flu, but not as often.


    • If a woman has the flu during pregnancy she will commonly experience a headache. This symptom usually isn't present with a cold.


    • If you are pregnant and think you have cold, but develop a fever (between 100 and 102 degrees F) then you probably have the flu, especially when other flu symptoms are present. A fever is not a symptom of a cold.


    • Both cold and flu during pregnancy may bring about a certain amount of fatigue and exhaustion for a woman, though the intensity will be greater with the flu.

    Aches and Pains

    • Sometimes a woman who is suffering from the flu will suffer some level of aches and pains. This can develop with cold, but it won't be as severe.

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