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The Installation of a Toyota Tundra XM

    • 1). Mount the magnetic antenna on the front center of the Tundra's roof. Make sure that the antenna has a clear view of the sky in all directions.

    • 2). Lift the rubber molding around the Tundra's windshield using a blunt putty knife or credit card. Tuck the XM antenna cable underneath the rubber molding until you get to the windshield's lowest corner on the passenger side.

    • 3). Route the cable out of the windshield molding once you've gotten to the lowest corner. Put the cable into the rubber weather stripping around the passenger side door opening by lifting the weather stripping with a blunt putty knife or credit card. Tuck the cable inside, running it down to the bottom of the door. Replace the weather stripping.

    • 4). Pull the cable at the bottom of the door opening and route it under the carpet toward the dashboard. If you have excess cable, coil it and secure it with wire ties. Tuck any remaining antenna in an inconspicuous location, such as beneath the carpet.

    • 5). Bring the end of the cable out to the Tundra's console or XM Radio. Leave enough cable so you can connect it to the antenna connector on the XM Radio or vehicle dock. The antenna connector is sometimes marked "Ant In."

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