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As a Friend Can You Be Trusted? - Test Yourself

Write down your answers and check how you rate at the end.
Q1 You are working late at the office.
Disturbing sounds can suddenly be heard from the next room.
Investigating, you discover two male employees having a fist fight, wrestling on the floor.
At this work place fighting is cause for instant dismissal.
Do you: 1(a) Phone the CEO and report them.
1(b) Tell them to break it up.
1(c) Draw attention of other workers to the fight.
1(d) Ignore the fight and return to your work.
Q2 The next time you are working late at the office.
Same staff are working.
Fight protagonist A comes up to you and says "Thanks for not saying anything to Management.
" Do you: 2(a) Ignore him as not worth talking to.
2(b) Threaten to report him.
2(c) Ask a favour.
2(d) Say "Your welcome, just do not let it happen again".
Q3 Fight protagonist B comes up to you and says "You better do whatever the bleep, bleep, your told or else".
Do you: 3(a) Pick up the phone and report him for fighting.
3(b) Call in a Manager and have him removed from your work area for a work related matter.
3(c) Ask a favour.
3(d) Say "You are a great fighter could you teach me some moves".
How did you rate? 1(a) There is no margin of discretion with you.
5 points.
1(b) You can be trusted to stay out of the issue yet maintain safety.
Well done.
20 points.
1(c) You cannot be trusted to make a decision on your own.
You set up others to take the responsibility.
10 points.
1(d) You can be trusted to mind your own business.
You cannot be trusted to maintain safety.
15 points.
2(a) You cannot be trusted to show your true colours.
15 points.
2(b) Trusted friends do not turn on each other.
5 points.
2(c) You will build suspicion rather than trust with this action.
10 points.
2(d) You can be trusted to be polite and still care about the other person.
20 points.
3(a) You can be trusted to inflict hurt.
5 points.
3(b) Trust and discretion are your middle names.
20 points.
3(c) You do not trust him and he does not trust you.
5 points.
3(d) Trust you to glorify unsafe behaviour.
5 points.
Check your score here.
Top score 60 points.
Congratulations You are the kind of person who can be trusted with any secret.
You will guard the knowledge even if it makes you uncomfortable.
35 points Being able to be trusted involves making decisions and sticking by them.
Making a negative judgment about people is not trust.
People will be suspicious of you when they do not know what you will do with the information.
25 points Trust involves taking responsibility yourself.
You are the kind of friend who tries to pass the responsibility on to others.
It is unlikely that you can keep a secret for long.
15 points Trust can be difficult for some people.
Each person has a different perspective in how they think the world should function.
You are not afraid to walk to the sound of your own drum.
Do not be surprised if others do not trust your motives.

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