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River Fishing - Important Things To Know

There is nothing like kicking back and enjoying a great time fishing. Of course, there are different types of fishing. If you are used to fishing in a lake or a pond, you will find that river fishing is a whole different ball game. This means you are going to have to learn a few different techniques if you want to be successful when you are river fishing. Here is a look at some important things you need to know when it comes to fishing in a river.

First of all, you need to know the right time to go out river fishing. You need to base your times on the moon as well as the weather. When the moon is full, the waters in a river are at their highest levels, but they are low when the moon is only a small sliver. There is more water for the fish to swim in when the moon happens to be full and the river is higher. Around the full moon is a great time to go fishing, and you'll probably have better luck during this time.

When fishing in rivers, it is important that your bait looks real. Of course when you choose your bait, you will want to consider the type of fish you are hoping to catch. There are many live bait and lure options that you can use in the river. Live worms work well on a gang hook, since they will make the worm look real because of the current of the river. It's not as easy to use certain lures in the rivers if you can't make them look real to the fish.

Choosing the right area of to partake in river fishing is important as well. You may want to go to a part where the current breaks against a log, rocks, or piles of grass. This is known as a seam and there are usually a lot of fish in the area. This will be the best place to catch some fish.

Casting and working your bait the right way is important when you are river fishing. If you are going to cast upstream, then you should allow the bait to flow downstream until you finally have too much slack in the line. Then you can reel in and cast out again. Casting down into the current is a bit different. You should slowly reel in, trying to give the bait or lure the look of swimming upstream in the river.

The right rod will also be important for river fishing as well. The size and the weight are going to be important, and to choose the right rod, consider the fish you want to fish for in the river. If you want to go with larger fish from the river, make sure you go with a strong rod that can handle the size of fish that you want to catch. This way you don't end up losing your fish because the rod breaks on you.

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