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How to Attract Wild Birds With Seed

    • 1). Decide on an area of your garden you wish to use for feeding the wild birds. Check that the location is safe from cats, traffic and chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides. Ideally, the area will have trees or tall shrubs but this is not necessary as you can install a bird feeder stand to hang feeders from or place a dish on the ground with food. It is important to give the birds privacy and not disturb them by walking by or getting too close to the feeding area. Find a quiet place for them where you can view them from your window without them seeing you. A sheltered place is a good idea to prevent food getting rained on and ruined by mold. Replace any wet seed with fresh, dry seed.

    • 2). Fill the feeders with a wild bird seed mix especially prepared with the kind of seeds wild birds like, or buy individual seed quantities such as sunflower or millet. If you wish to attract mostly finches, fill the feeders with a finch seed mix. Otherwise, use a wild bird seed mix as this will ensure a wide variety of birds come and visit the feeding stations. If you are placing the seed on the ground, use a shallow, ceramic dish or scatter the seed directly on the ground.

    • 3). Check the feeders at least every couple of days and top them with seed if needed. You will need to be patient since it may take a few days or even weeks before birds begin to notice the feeders and feel safe and comfortable enough to venture to them. Once they find the feeders, you will see them there every day. When this happens, you will need to keep topping with seed to ensure they don't run out of food. Otherwise, the birds may stop showing up.

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