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A new Refurbishment and Revamping Service is now available for small bars, and restaurants owners pr

In today's market of many different brands with sometimes indistinguishable products offered by the major players in the licenced trade it has become increasing important for the smaller players in the industry to stand out in terms of the service and products they offer but also and sometimes more importantly the environment in which it is delivered. Although a common problem faced by many small businesses is having the financial capital to develop and maintain their premises.

This challenge they face is where one man saw a gap in the market for an interior design service that would take the time to fully understand their needs, yet could produce a lot from their budget, and would benefit the smaller operators in the industry by providing them with a means to develop their premises without needing to employ large costly firms. This is where the creation of Refurbs and Revamps came in, with a mission to provide the smaller operators and sole traders who have limited budgets with the means to develop their premises.

Justin Wells started Refurbs & Revamps based in Northampton at the start of this year after he found with the completion of his first projects and discussions with clients it was clear that affordable design improvements enhanced their commercial success, and with the managers and staff fully committed their ROI was able to be realised within 6 months.

The service offered by Refurbs and Revamps is designed and able to provide much more for the clients' investment and in some cases as with The Boston Nightclub in Northampton, whish he first refurbished back in 2007 for £30,000 while employed there. With his ability to produce the most out of the budget and the ROI they gained, has allowed the venue to revamp and refresh their look just 4 years on at a cost of £15,000, and in so doing keeping them one step ahead and made it possible for them to maintain an advantage over other nightclubs in the town.

This being the case demonstrated to Justin a clear opportunity for a business able to better design and development clients' venues. He has a firm grasp of the realities business owners face in creating and maintaining a business that can thrive within their market place. This is due to his understanding of the industry gained through first-hand experience of running restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and so he has been consistent in identifying an appealing emotive tread for each business that he's worked with and has expressed a great environment through the right design.

Refurbs and Revamps are skilled at creating interiors which express the soul of any business and connects with their customers and satisfies their desire for great environments. As any business is aware in order to stand out from its competitors, all hospitality locations need all the right ingredients to succeed in today's market. For small businesses attracting and inspiring customers require environments which express the businesses individuality, and this has to be realised through the right design, and this can only be achieved by fully understanding a client's needs and their market. Justin at Refurbs and Revamps takes the time to complete this important step before embarking on any design project and this unique aspect helps in making the most out of any budget with projects being completed to a high standard and the end product appearing as if the client had invested double the amount their budget would have allowed.

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