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How to Throw a Really Good "BAD MOVIE" Party

I'm often frustrated in my quest for a really good movie.
Highly publicised new flicks often turn out to be bad, dumb, or both.
Besides, movie night doesn't really bring people together -- even if the movie is good, it's each person relating to the movie, and not much of the people relating to each other as humans.
Here is a way you can enjoy a colossally bad movie such as Final Fantasy with a large group of friends and have a blast doing it.
The general plan is that each member of your group will have an action figure or stuffed animal representing them.
You will point your video camera at the screen.
Whenever any stupid thing happens on the movie, one of the action figures pops up in front of the camera and comments on it in a funny voice.
During particularly terrible scenes, you may pan the camera over the audience.
If your guests are having trouble getting into a smart remark mood, have them watch a few minutes of Mystery Science Theater before you watch your movie of the night.
That ought to get their juices flowing.
In the case of movies where the costumes are clearly not contemporary casual wear, it is a nice option to ask the guests to come dressed as their favorite character in the movie.
It also helps if the guests have previewed the movie.
Snacks and beverages are mandatory.
Popcorn, of course is the traditional movie fare and it's extra nice because it is easy to make.
It doubles as ammunition for flinging at the screen when the movie breaks all records for badness; and it doesn't hurt too much if someone hits you with it.
If you want to get extra fancy, you can provide decorations such as movie posters, or any movie swag or licensed merchandise that you might happen to have.
You can even decorate the popcorn containers if you want to get extra Martha Stewartish.
The final step is to edit your video down to a 3-7 minute trailer of just the best quips and footage and post it on YouTube for your friends and the entire web surfing public to enjoy later.

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