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The History of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Early Days

    • The squad was first known as the CowBelles and Beaux. Led by Dee Brock, this early incarnation was an assortment of local high school students in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


    • In 1972, Schramm decided to replace the cheerleaders with dancers selected by local choreographer Texie Watermann. This rebirth also began the now-trademark skimpier outfits for the squad.

    The New Squad

    • Brock led the squad until 1976, when she left to pursue graduate studies. Schramm replaced Brock with his secretary, Suzanne Mitchell, who would lead the team until 1989.

    Super Bowl X

    • The squad first gained notoriety in their own right in Super Bowl X. During a timeout, a cameraman caught one of the cheerleaders give a playful wink and the TV audience of 75 million people was smitten.

    Fame In Their Own Right

    • In the following three decades, the squad went on to produce two movies, guest star in several television series and appear in USO shows in addition to their duties at Cowboys games.

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