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Virtual Learning Environment: A Virtual Platform Of Learning And Development In Educational Settings

The evolution of Virtual Leaning Environment has revolutionized the education system. This virtual leaning platform accommodates progressively developing functionality of independent study skills and provides a secure, reliable and user-friendly online environment. Though the emergence of Virtual Leaning Environments have not been a smooth progression yet multiple of individuals and academic institutions embraced this opportunity which allowed them to take self-assessment tasks online and approach challenging material regardless of the measurable costs.

VLE is a learning platform which is an accumulation of numerous online applications such as web pages, email, message boards and discussion forums, text and video conferencing, shared diaries, online social areas, assessment, management and tracking tools that help teachers, students, parents and others who are involved in education or information process by supporting and enhancing the educational delivery and improvising management.

Earlier the main purpose of virtual leaning platform was only to manage the content and better the communication and collaboration among students and teachers and was commonly used for creation storage and access of learning resources, emails, notes and blogs. Internet and a couple of technical integrations with different software solutions make the VLE a convenient resource which fundamentally change the methods of teaching and learning. Functional requirements and technical specifications changed and many other terms and features get added into this basic VLE. Concepts such as - Learning Management System, Learning Support System, Online Learning Centre and education via computer-mediated communication empowered the face the education and learning; especially online learning.

With Curriculum Mapping and Planning functionality teachers could now map and plan curriculum, lessons discussions and forums which helped in continuous assessment and personalization of the learning experience. Teachers could now diversify their teaching style as per the students learning pace which also helped the students to customize, modify and abstract their personal learning path. Self-assessment quizzes, threaded discussions, supplementary readings, formal assessment functions and study unit areas widen the horizon of the students knowledge and ease the learning process.

Virtual Learning Environment not only helps school/university level students but also encourage independent educational programs, charter schools and home-based education. On other hand Learner Engagement and Administration feature helped parents to manage and track the progress and achievement of their lads. Marks, assessments, report cards and comments, administrative information about the course, registration, payments, and personal sessions with teachers or contact information for the instructor. Parents are just one click away from their wards educational developments.

This virtual leaning platform let todays web-oriented generation explore the zenith of knowledge.

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