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How to Find Usernames Listed to a Domain Name

    • 1). Enter "" or "" in the address bar of any preferred browser.

    • 2). Enter the domain name within the search space provided at the selected Whois search engine. Usually you do not need to use the "www" prefix, but some sites may require the prefix.

    • 3). Click the "Search" button or a button named as "Whois." Now the search engine looks for information requested at the domain name registry. If met with an error message, check the spellings of the domain name and follow the instructions of the website.

    • 4). Take note of the user name and also other details such as email address or contact telephone numbers if needed. It's important to note that some domain name owners prefer to hide their original details from public visibility, hence they tend to use services such as "Whois protection" provided by most domain registrars.

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