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Active Living and Smart Eating Combine to Keep You at Your Best

Do you know what it means to be truly healthy and fit? Maybe you think it is being free of disease and other health issues.
Maybe you think it means having loads of energy or a slim, firm, toned body.
Actually, true fitness refers to your own optimal health and overall well being and means your health is at its very best.
To be truly healthy you would need to be addressing the number one bio marker of the aging process which is the loss of muscle tissue after the mid 20's in adults who do not do enough muscle building and maintaining activity.
Your strength is of the utmost important especially as you get older.
If your body is allowed to become weaker it is not just the muscles and the bones that they are attached to that weaken.
All of the body's systems and processes become weaker setting the stage for the decline of overall health and wellness.
Our normal modern lives no longer have enough proper physical activity built into them on a daily basis for us to stay healthy.
It is imperative that intentional exercise is put back to make up for the loss of vigorous movement that keeps humans healthy.
This intentional exercise has to be mostly strength training exercise if it is to keep our muscles strong.
No other type of activity is effective in doing this.
Strength training exercise is so effective when done properly just 2-3 sessions each week is enough to keep you truly strong and fit and will give you: 1) The physical strength and endurance to make all of your daily activities much easier.
2) Reduced risk for many health problems, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
3) Energy to be more productive and do more enjoyable things that are important to you.
4) The opportunity to look and feel at your very best.
5) A better chance for a higher quality of life and perhaps and longer one, too.
Being strong and fit defines and impacts on every aspect of your health - not just physically but also your mental and emotional well-being.
In fact, they are all interconnected and combine to give you your state of health.
But to achieve a state of wellbeing that is way more than simply 'not being sick' is something that needs to be worked on by you.
This means your proper exercise program along with your healthy eating plan are essential tools that need to be practiced somewhere around 80% of the time if you wish to achieve this higher state of wellbeing.
If you are new to exercise make sure you enlist the help of a fitness professional in setting up your strength training program and teaching your correct exercise technique.
You will be amazed at how quickly you will see and feel the benefits.
Your body wants to be strong so give it what it needs and in return you will enjoy so many positive benefits.

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