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Excellent Love, Sex, and Dating Advice for Lesbians

Where do you turn for answers about lesbian sex, dating, relationships and love?Here are some answers to your top questions about lesbian and bisexual sex, dating and love.

1. Lesbian Sex Tips for Your First Time

Nervous about your first time having lesbian sex?Here are some tips to help you with your first lesbian or bisexual experience.More »

2. Frequently Asked Questions about Lesbian Sex

What is lesbian sex?How do two women have sex?What is lesbian bed death?All these and more questions are answered about lesbian sex.More »

3. Safe Sex Tips for Lesbians

Where do lesbians get information about what is and is not considered safe sex?Here is a great resource about what activities are safe and which ones are risky and how to protect yourself from HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.More »

4. Lesbian Dating Tips

How and where do you meet other women to date?Here are some great tips for lesbian and bisexual women.More »

5. Lesbian Internet Dating Tips

Ready to meet the girl of your dreams?She is out there and the Internet is a great place for you to meet her.Here are some tips for meeting the lesbian of your dreams on the Web.More »

6. How to Write a Great Lesbian Personal Ad or Online Profile

If you want to place an ad on the Internet to meet lesbians or bisexual women, you've got to have a great ad.Here are some "Dos" and "Don'ts" for writing a great lesbian or bisexual personal ad.More »

7. Flirting Tips for Lesbians

How do you subtilely let someone know you're interested?More »

8. How to Keep Love Alive

How do you make lesbian love last?Here are some tips for keeping the spark alive in your lesbian relationship.More »

9. Lesbian Sex Expert Answers Your Lesbian Sex Questions

Lesbian Life is lucky to have Lesbian Sex Expert Felice Newman as guest author to answer your most pressing quesitons about lesbian sex.Here are Felice Newman's answers to your lesbian sex questions.More »

10. How to use a Dildo or Strap-On for Lesbian Sex

Would you like to add a sex toy to spice up your love life?Here is some advice on how to use a dildo or strap-on for penetration pleasure.More »

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