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Treatment for Mites in Hamsters

    Skin Treatment

    • In a spray bottle, prepare a treatment solution of 1 pint of water at room temperature and one tablespoon each of witch hazel and original, unflavored Listerine. You can find witch hazel at most grocery or drug stores, often with the skin care products. Using a washcloth, apply the treatment solution to your hamster's fur, avoiding her eyes, nose and mouth. Once your hamster has been treated, do not return her to her cage until it has been treated.

    Cage Treatment

    • Clean your hamster's cage thoroughly. Remove all toys, bedding and food, and clean the cage thoroughly with warm water. Do not use soap in your hamster's cage. Discard any toys that cannot be thoroughly cleaned with hot water, such as those made from wood. Lightly spray the treatment solution in your hamster's cage. Also spray any toys or accessories that have been cleaned and will be returned to the cage. If you suspect that your hamster's bedding is infested with mites, discard it and purchase new bedding.

    Other Treatment

    • You can purchase sprays for treating mites in birds that can also be used for your hamster. Again, protect your hamster's eyes, nose and mouth. Use the same spray on your hamster's cage, toys, accessories and bedding. If your hamster does not improve after two days, if the infestation is severe, or if there is fur loss, see your veterinarian right away.

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