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Great Traditional Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is famous as one of the most popular and cultural cities in Brazil, and the cuisine in the city is as varied and interesting as in many of the world's major cities, while there are also plenty of traditional Brazilian restaurants offering the best of local cuisine. While some of these restaurants are right at the heart of the city center or near one of the popular beaches such as Ipanema or the Copacabana, there are others that are worth a trip into other areas of the city.

Brazilian food is a great combination of the ingredients that are produced in the region and the traditional cuisines of Portugal and the native population.

Antiquarius Grill

While the name of the restaurant may indicate a traditional style and decoration to the restaurant, the dining room is actually a very modern and stylish space. The large windows and high ceilings give a light airy atmosphere during the day, while a specially designed lighting system keeps it intimate during the evening. Like many Brazilian restaurants meat plays a major role on the menu, with excellent ribs and steaks, while the chef also makes good use of the wonderful locally caught fish with some beautiful cod fillets and also offers a wonderful seafood risotto.


There are three branches of the Porcao churrascaria restaurant in Rio, with the one in Flamengo enjoying a particularly nice location with views over the Sugar Loaf Mountain. The churrascaria restaurant is one which is distinctly South American, and has waiters carrying freshly cooked sizzling cuts of meat that are carved right on to your plate, and for those with big appetites the meat will continue coming.

Along with the superb meat, visitors also have access to a great buffet with a wide variety of salad, sushi and pasta dishes, that help to make this a wonderful Brazilian dining experience.

Marius Carnes

This is one of the oldest churrascarias in Rio, and has been serving wonderful meat and seafood within a short walk of the Copacabana beach for over forty years. Inside, the restaurant has a charming nautical feel with everything from fishing implements and nets used to decorate the space, while there is also an eclectic mix of musical and historic items used to give the restaurant a quirky yet welcoming atmosphere. The meat is all sourced from organic origins to help ensure the best flavors, and this is beautifully barbecued to make every melting mouthful a delight.

Rio Brasa

Located a short drive away from the city center and the main tourist areas of the city, this charming rustic restaurant has been established for over a decade and has built a reputation offering good value Brazilian food that is bursting with flavor. It is situated on the Ayrton Senna Avenue, and while the building is simply decorated, it does offer a great buffet with a variety of different dishes including sushi and pasta specialties. Like many traditional Brazilian restaurants, it is the meat that is the real star of the show, with excellent cuts of meat that have been perfectly barbecued, and a good variety in terms of the cuts that are offered.

Bar E Restaurante Urca

This is a great place to enjoy some of the best Portuguese influenced food in Rio, and is located in a wonderful position on the seafront just beneath Sugar Loaf Mountain. While the interior offers some nice tables and a more traditional restaurant area upstairs, many people will lean against the harbor wall to enjoy the views, and the waiters will bring the food directly to you. Among the highlights on the menu are the tomato and heart of palm salad and the fish fillet with rice and spinach, while on Fridays visitors can try the traditional dish of Brazil, feijoada.

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