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Allergies and Air Purification System

At the beginning of spring this year my daughter was having cold symptoms. She would wake up feeling miserable. Her eyes were red and tearing and her nose was running all the time. It was the end of the school year so she wanted to go to school so that she would make sure that she passed her classes. She would come home from school and report that she had not felt sick during the day, however by dinner time she was sneezing and her eyes were watering again. People that I work with told me that this sounded like allergies. One of my co-workers that has allergies said that her symptoms were especially bad this spring. This surprised me because she did not appear to have any of the visible symptoms that my daughter had. My co-worker said that her symptoms were under control through medication as well as the air purification system that we have in our office building. I have never been bothered by allergies so I had not paid to much attention when the company announced 18 months ago that they were installing an air purification system. My co-worker said that this was great relief for her. She said that there was so much relief that she had one installed in her home.

I thought that this sounded like a good way of giving my daughter some relief. I made a doctors appointment for her and also went to my co-workers home to see the size and type of air purification system that she had purchased. I was surprised to see that the air purification system stood in the corner of their living room. If I had not come over to specifically look at it, I would not have noticed it in the room. The air purification system was not very big and it was very quiet. My co-worker said that she had looked at several systems before purchasing the one she had in her home. She stated that she decided on this particular air purification system because it was so quiet and that the filters were inexpensive to change.

I picked my daughter up from school to go to the doctor's appointment that I had made for her. When I checked in at the school office to sign her out I mentioned to the secretary where we were going. She said that she also had allergies and that the air purification system that the school had installed kept her comfortable during the day. This explained why my daughter was not as bothered with her symptoms while at school. The doctor confirmed that my daughter had allergies. I asked his opinion about the purchase of an air purification system. He stated that in conjunction with medication the air purification system would greatly reduce my daughter's symptoms.

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