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Hemorrhoids are sometimes considered the varicose veins in the anal region.
The veins that are affected are the veins that are located at the lower rectum and in the anus.
During bowel movements, the said veins can stretch and become irritated.
When these veins swell or become inflamed, hemorrhoids are formed.
We need to remember that veins in the rectum and in the anus are under a lot of pressure during every bowel movement.
Excessive pushing or straining will cause the veins in the anal wall to lump, thus creating different clusters of dilated or swollen veins.
This condition is divided into two general categories, the internal and external.
These categories are differentiated on where they occur.
If they occur inside the rectum, it is commonly called internal.
The internal ones can appear any place inside the anal canal.
They are usually located far inside the rectum so it's very hard to see or feel them.
The only sign that they occur is the bleeding.
However, more advanced stage will cause it to prolapse.
This will result for it to become enlarged and protrude outside the anus.
If it is in the earlier stage, it will go back inside the anus on its own.
More advanced stage will need your help for it to be pushed back inside.
If it is very advanced, it will not go back inside even with your help.
When the hemorrhoids occur outside the anus, then it's external.
The external ones usually appear at the opening of the anus or directly below it.
An advanced stage of an external one is identified as thrombosed.
This happens when a blood clot is formed inside it.
This can be identified by its purplish or bluish color.

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