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How to Duck Hunt in the Mississippi Delta

    • 1). Wake up early to hunt. The Mississippi Flyway consists of a series of rivers and draws the attention of ducks that travel to escape the cold and find companionship. Hunters seem to receive the maximum coverage of game in the early-morning hours of December.

    • 2). Use diverse methods. A duck has the ability to remember things it sees, so hunters must challenge their hunting patterns. Ducks travel to warmer areas and pass through the Mississippi Delta, stopping to eat and rest before flying onward. This provides excellent opportunities for hunting ducks in Mississippi.

    • 3). Hunt with a guide. In the Mississippi Delta, some land owners provide hunters with a guide and land filled with ponds and ducks. A guide shows hunters where ducks tend to stay, when they fly, how to call ducks and the best way to have a successful hunt. Mallard Manor is among the lodges that provide hunting guides (see "Resources").

    • 4). Hunt without a guide if you can't afford one or prefer to hunt on your own. Mississippi Delta gives hunters a versatile selection of areas to hunt ducks. Most areas remain fruitful in supply because of the time ducks move from cold to warm areas. Some public parks in Mississippi Delta like Twin Oaks Wildlife and Sunflower Wildlife offer excellent resources for hunting waterfowl in Mississippi Delta.

    • 5). Know the rules before hunting. Studying the rules for waterfowl hunting in Mississippi Delta benefits the hunter, land and ducks. Educating the hunter with better understanding prevents illegal hunts. Don't set traps for the waterfowl, and remember to always put necessary information on the ducks harvested for tagging purposes. Pay special attention to the hours permissible for hunting waterfowl. Exceeding the time results in illegal hunting in Mississippi Delta.

    • 6). Bring a hunting buddy. Trained hunting dogs benefit the duck hunter by acting as a spotter. They help hunters by finding and flushing the ducks and luring them out into the open for hunters to make a quick shot. If you don't have a hunting dog of your own, ask to borrow one from the land owner. Dogs become a buddy to the duck hunter and a reliable resource for help when searching for ducks.

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