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How to Figure Your Annual Wage Using Hourly Rate

    • 1). Determine the number of hours you typically work a week. If you have two or three of your past paycheck stubs, you can get a good idea of the number of hours you put in each week by looking at the number worked for each pay period.

    • 2). Check your paycheck stub for your current hourly pay rate. While you should already know this figure, it is best to check to ensure you did not receive a small raise without knowing.

    • 3). Multiply the hours you typically work in a week by your hourly pay rate. This will give you your weekly wage. For example, if you typically work 36 hours a week at a rate of $11.50, your weekly pay rate would be $414.

    • 4). Multiply your weekly wage by 50. While you may not plan on taking two weeks off out of the year, it is best to figure your yearly wage at only 50 weeks to account for sick days or unplanned vacation days. For example, with a weekly pay rate of $414, your annual wage would be $20,700.

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