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Vimax Pills & Vimax Patches

Vimax Pills & Vimax Patches are both made by the same company (of course) and they both actually have the same exact ingredients.
The only difference between the two of them is how those ingredients make their way into your body.
With Vimax Pills they are taken orally while with Vimax Patches the ingredients are taken through the skin (via the patch.
) If the patch thing seems strange to you it's actually the same principle as the nicotine patch that so many people use effectively to quit cigarettes.
Patches can be very effective and the Vimax patches are no exception to that.
Because they have the same ingredients (only the method of taking those ingredients into the body is different) they both give the same male enhancement results.
These Vimax products are designed to help men achieve longer, stronger erections and to greatly improve the overall sex life of the man using them.
Both the pills and the patches are 100% guaranteed to be effective for those who buy them and they both come with a 60 day full money back refund guarantee.
This means that you can try them for 60 days to see if you like the results and if you do not you can simply get the money back that you used to buy them with.
So the question is: Should you buy the pills or the patches? The answer is it's completely up to you as far as which one you think would fit into your life easier.
Some people really hate swallowing pills so if you are one of those people then the patches may be the right choice but most people will probably prefer to simply swallow one capsule a day rather than wearing the patch for hours (that's the trade off.

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