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How to Make a Girl Want You - 3 Simple Steps to Picking Up Any Girl You Want Every Single Time

Let's say you have the skills, the ability to put women at ease.
Let's say you have the skills to make any woman fall for you.
Now we all know there is no silver bullet, no magic potion that suddenly turns you into the Fonz.
But there are some steps, some techniques you can follow that when carried out right will greatly increase your chances, and I mean greatly increase your chances.
Here are 3 steps, just 3 steps.
You don't need a twelve point plan and photos just these steps and do them over and over till you get good.
OK here are the 3 steps.
Capture attention Now the biggest and best way to capture her attention is through what's called social proof.
Now social proof means that people will do things that they see other people are doing.
If everybody is buying an iPhone then it must be good because everyone is getting one.
If a girl see's you with a group of girls then she knows you must be a cool guy or all those girls would not be talking to you.
So you could be talking to any girls and it helps you to standout.
You get gurus talking about "peacocking" which basically means wearing some item of clothing that gets attention, but personally I'm not into that but each to their own.
Overcome your approach anxiety So you look over and catch her eye what do you do now? You approach of course, go ahead go over smile and be confident and go and talk to her.
You've got absolutely nothing to lose.
Now a lot of people have or start out having approach anxiety and here is the simplest and easiest way to bust it for good.
Instead of only approaching girls in bars and club you need to get out there and start conversations with girls in all walks of life.
I'm talking about shop clerks, waitresses, bar maids, girls you stand next to waiting in line.
What you are doing is just practicing your conversation skills with women.
No harm, no pressure of trying to pick up a girl.
You just talk about normal conversational things.
Once you are making small talk with different women everyday making small talk in the bars & clubs will be child's play.
Leave her Now you've captured her attention and have had a conversation with her it's time to leave.
Now you have to walk away.
You walk away and tell her you have to get back to your friends, you think they are going to another bar/club.
As you are walking away you then turn around and ask her for her number and hand her your cell so she can type it in.

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