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Remodeling KitchensHow To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

How long has it been since your last renovation? If the use and abuse have already taken their toll, then it is high time to turn the now drab kitchens to fab- again. Kitchen cabinets are considered as the building blocks of the heart of homes, being a vital factor for organization as well as being a visually dominating feature in the area. With this said, any changes in your cabinetry will be enough to recreate the look and feel of the area. There are many methods that you can go about remodeling kitchens; and this article discusses tips on refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Giving your cabinetry a facelift is a practical idea if the frame is still in good condition. If not, it would be smartest to replace your collection or have a contractor look at it to see if there are still parts that can be salvaged. To be successful on your quest to refinish kithen cabinets, there are crucial points to keep in mind:

1.Plan ahead. When remodeling kitchens, planning is a must no matter how big or small the scope of your project might be. Forgetting something and rushing to your nearest home improvement store will still take a considerable amount of time, so make sure that you prepare everything needed to refinish kitchen cabinets including:
Painters or masking tape.
Sand paper and sanding blocks.
Hand tools like hammer, screw drivers, scrapers, etc.
Sprayer or quality paint brushes, depending on what finish you plan to apply.
Drop cloth, old newspapers or other materials to avoid mess on other surfaces.

2.Clean thoroughly. Take out everything in storage. Remove the doors and shelves, and while doing so, label the parts to remember which goes where. This step will save you a lot of time.

Any dirt and grease on the surface of the kitchen cabinets will affect the result to be careful to clean every part completely. Using a degreaser will help make the job a lot easier. Then wipe off with clean dry cloth. If you will be re-using cabinet hardware, then clean them by soaking in a soapy solution for 30 minutes, lightly brush before rinsing, let dry, then polish.

3.Stripping Old Finish. This step is optional and is only a must if you want to refinish kitchen cabinets in clear varnish, or stained.

4.Fill in the Holes, Cracks, and Dents. Using wood putty, smoothen the flaws by filling in the flaws. Level the surface by sanding the dried putty and wipe of dust particles after.

5. The Finish. If you plan to refinish kitchen cabinets through repainting, remember to prime the cabinet surface first before applying paint. Top tips to keep in mind when remodeling kitchens:
Take note of the time limit of the boding agent you are using (see manufacturers instructions). Because of this, doing one portion a time is a good idea.
Latex paints leave brush marks unlike oil-based. To reduce brush strokes use paint additives.
Enamels that are oil-based can be painted over with latex, but you cannot do vice versa because oil and water dont mix.

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