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How to Enhance Your Memory

    • 1). - BRAIN EXERCISES -

      Your memory is able to change with effort on your part. When you challenge your brain in a new way it is using a part of your brain you weren't using before. When you do this often it helps you to process and remember information you did not before. Brain exercises can include any of the following...
      Crossword puzzles
      Learning something new
      Brushing your teeth with the hand you normally do not use
      Getting dressed with your eyes closed
      Strategy games
      etc. Anything that gets you thinking or learning something new

    • 2). - DIET -

      Eating a healthy diet is important for so many different reasons. Not only is a healthy diet good for your body, but your memory as well. Make sure you include the following into your daily diet.
      B vitamins, especially B6 and B12
      Folic acid
      Vitamin C
      Vitamin E
      Beta carotene
      Omega-3 fatty acids
      Green leafy vegetables
      Cruciferous vegetables

    • 3). - PAY ATTENTION -

      You have to pay attention to something in order to learn it. It takes approximately eight seconds of real focus to process a piece of information through your hippocampus and into the appropriate memory center of your brain. Then once you have learned something new, go over it a few times in your head to keep it stored as information.

    • 4). - EXERCISE -

      Regularly exercising helps increase oxygen flow to your brain and in return improves your memory. Exercise is also known to help ward of ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also can help release chemicals in your brain that benefit your memory.

    • 5). - SLEEP HABITS -

      Your body really needs a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night for your body to function properly. When you have sleeping disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea it leaves you very tired throughout the day and you can not concentrate the way you should be able to.


      Smoking and excessive drinking increase the risk of vascular disorders that are known to cause stroke and constrict arteries that deliver oxygen to the brain. Stay away from these things if you want to increase your memory and even live a long healthy life!

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