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How to Carry an Injured Person by Yourself During First Aid

  • 1). Position the injured person on his back, with his knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • 2). Stand on the injured person's feet, facing him, so that the front half of your feet cover the front half of his feet.

  • 3). Bend your knees and grab the injured person's left hand with your right hand, and his right hand with your left hand.

  • 4). Lean backward. As the injured person nears an upright position, begin to twist yourself counterclockwise.

  • 5). Continue twisting counterclockwise. As you do, lift the injured person's arms over your head so they begin to form an X.

  • 6). Stop twisting when you've gone a half-turn (180 degrees). At the same moment, poke your head through the opening in the X that is closer to his body.

  • 7). Lean forward, pulling forward and down on the injured person's arms, until his feet are off the ground.

  • 8). Walk along, carrying the injured person like a backpack, until you have reached safety.

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