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Data Entry Test: Improving Your Data Entry Skills

With the current high growth of technological applications in many sectors of the everyday life, the ability to use this technology effectively and productively cannot be ignored.
Computer technology in particular finds application in almost all aspects of life, but especially in the business and office world.
Every office produces considerable amounts of data resulting from its day to day operations.
This data is too much to be entered manually into books and that's why nowadays employers will require potential employees to take a data entry test as part of the qualification process.
What is it? This test measures an individual's typing speed and the accuracy the data being typed into the computer.
Typing speed is measured in keystrokes or words per minute while the accuracy can be in a form of a percentage.
The data involves any kind of information - letters, numbers, special characters or a combination of these - being recorded or transferred into the computer.
The data may be used in the creation of spreadsheets and data documents or various types of forms like CVs and invoices.
How to pass? Passing a data entry test, whether it is for employment, academic or leisure purposes, requires a lot of practice.
There are many online sites offering data typing lessons and most of them will even give you a test.
You can also download a typing software that will guide you in increasing your speed and accuracy.
Types of tests There are several types of typing tests that will help you evaluate yourself.
Ten-key test - It tests the speed and accuracy of entering numeric data into a computer.
It involves getting familiar with a keyboards numeric layout.
Alpha and alpha-numeric test - It is a data entry test that involves a mixture of numbers and special characters.
Typing - This mostly involves entry of words and phrases.
It is the most involving of tests.
Tips on data entry The following tips will help you get better at your data entry and also prepare for an entry test.
  • Learn how to use shortcut keyboard commands to make data entry faster.
    For example, instead of going to the word toolbar to click on bold, simply press ctrl+B.
  • Enable autocorrect - This will minimize the number of errors you make.
    Be careful though, autocorrect can change data to something else other than what you intended.
  • Take a typing test - Do not think that you can practice on data entry using your own methods.
    Find a typing tutor whether online or as software.
    This will give you the best approach to improving your skills.
  • Relax.
    Do not bang the keys; it will not make you type any faster.
    Let your fingers rest lightly on the keyboard and at the right places.
  • Sitting posture- Adopt a good sitting posture.
    Bad sitting positions can lead to back pains and complications.
Finally, if you are an amateur emphasize more on the accuracy rather than speed.
Once you have minimized on the errors you can now try to increase your speed.
A data entry test should not be a cause for worry especially with so many sources out there offering ways to improve your data entry.

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