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The Proper Method to Start A Salvia Divinorum Garden That Will Flourish

For first timers, caring for a single Salvia Divinorum plant can be a very challenging endeavor especially when people do not have any idea on how it thrives naturally. The difficulty gets worse if ever somebody attempts to mass produce this plant by making a garden out of it. Despite that it can initially be hard to start such a garden, it is not impossible provided that the would-be-gardener can mimic the typical native environment Salvia Divinorum is highly receptive to flourish.

Controlling Sunlight Exposure

This plant is usually found in tropical rainforests. If one could imagine what these areas are like, they have an environment by which it consists a high level of humidity with low to moderate exposure to sunlight due to the natural cover that the jungle provides through its trees. Direct and full exposure of light at prolonged periods of time would definitely destroy the Salvia Divinorum; therefore the garden area has to be somewhere or must be constructed in a way by which the sun does not come into full contact with the plants.

Allow Roots to Breathe

Having multiple Salvia Divinorum in a garden requires an appropriate soil mixture that allows its roots to come into contact with air. This would mean that the pot must have an inch layer of gravel granules that are similar to the size of a pea to enable proper drainage. This is quite vital to the survival of the plant because whenever they soil contains and retains too much moisture due to watering, there is a huge chance that root rot can start. Another thing that can help is that the pots should be placed on surfaces that allow air to enter at the bottom and water to drain effectively. Occluding the bottom part of the pot is like suffocating the plant.

Secure Stem Support

Once the Salvia Divinorum plant flourishes on its own and reaches a height of 3 feet or more, this can be a problem for the gardener since the plant's branches are not as sturdy as one would normally assume it would be. The branches of the Salvia Divinorum plant are quite weak and not very woody and that is why when they grow tall enough, the leaves' weight causes the plant to stoop down and can even lead to the breaking off of the stem and the branches. Therefore if one decides to let the plant grow tall enough for such an incident to likely happen, use bamboo stakes and tape to secure any part of the plant be it the stem or its branches to avoid breakage.

Monitor Weather Reactions

Lastly, to ensure the survival of the Salvia Divinorum garden would require the grower to be observant of plant's reactions to the effects of the two most threatening climate conditions: drought and frost. It is normal to expect that either of these conditions would cause the plants to wilt but it is crucial to not allow it to wilt beyond recovery. Watering the plant the moment it droops would avoid the vascular functions of the plant from collapsing and ensuring that the roots do not get completely frozen. By doing these will preserve the plant's ability to recover once spring comes.

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