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In the Debt Ceiling Deal No One Was Happy So It Must Be Good - That"s Illogical

One of the big themes in the media coming out of the debt ceiling deal from July and August of 2011 was the concept that Washington DC is working when both sides of the aisle are talking to each other and negotiating.
The Obama Administration would have us believe that a compromise is better than political impasse or a one-side take all.
I would submit to you just the opposite.
In fact, this debt deal compromise puts us further in the hole, and will not help our federal government live within its means as President Obama suggests.
Nancy Peloci in the Senate said that she was unhappy with the bill, but she would support it, because they were up against a deadline, and therefore she would vote for it, and asked the other Democrat members of the Senate to do the same.
President Obama said he didn't like the deal, but he promised to sign it as well.
The Republicans said they didn't like the deal, and they wanted more spending cuts, but they thought the compromise was a step in the right direction.
In essence, everyone was unhappy, or so they claimed.
Okay so, is that why we have a Federal Government to make "everyone unhappy" because if that's why we have a Federal Government, then I think we ought to just save the money and close it as soon as possible, and forgo the pensions, benefits, fame, and fortune of those who are soaking up all our money.
You see, I believe the American people are unhappy with the debt deal too, and I guarantee you the Tea Party isn't happy.
After all over a 10 year period, so far all they agreed to cut was $2.
8 trillion, when the original objective stated by both parties including the Obama Administration was for a $4.
5 trillion budget cut over 10 years.
Now then, I think everyone is un-happier with that compromise deal considering that Standard & Poor's has lowered the nation's credit rating, and has advised that it may down-graded once more.
Still, the unhappiest of all would be the American taxpayer an American citizens who will be paying the bill for all this government expenditures coming out of Washington DC.
All this money so the government can grow larger to control our lives, while slowly destroying the middle class.
We don't need a federal government to make us unhappy, we need one to stabilize our civilization, and uphold our freedoms and free markets.
We don't need our folks to go to Washington DC and make themselves and us unhappy, that would only help Eli Lilly sell more antidepressant drugs.
Please consider all this and think on it.

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