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Meditation Matters!

Meditation is the art of letting go or effortlessness unlike the popular belief that it needs high levels of concentration.
Improved concentration is the fruit of meditation and not the means! Needless to say it is not the only benefit of Meditation.
Meditation helps in relieving the day-to-day stress that we tend to accumulate due to the rising demands and pressures in our professional as well as personal front.
Not just that, it also prevents the stress from getting into our system thus averting ailments like blood pressure or hypertension.
Apart from that, Meditation helps one stay calm and centered no matter what problems arise, enabling one to handle any rough patch in life.
Meditation is being in the present moment effortlessly, diving deep into the NOW! Without regretting the past actions and being free from anxiety of the future.
Though this might sound abstract or intimidating in the beginning through regular practice it happens effortlessly and leads to the expansion of one's consciousness.
The persistent nagging of unpleasant memories and trivial issues lose their former effect easing one into memory free of unwanted emotions.
Meditation is not the war field in which one fights against the incessant flow of thoughts bombarding one's mind.
Instead of restraining and restricting them, just observing the thoughts will aid one to go deep within oneself.
This deep meditation springs up a whole new dimension which extends to all the facets of our life and reaps enormous benefits which percolate through all the levels of our existence.
The senses, which act as the bridge between objects and the Self, perceive joy and pleasure in the external objects.
Only when there is harmony between all the senses, meditation happens.
Gradually, craving and hankering become a rarity, allowing us to experience true pleasure and bliss! Furthermore, the sense of belongingness with people and nature is deepened making one comfortable with everyone.
There are different kinds of Meditation that are practiced - Chakra Meditation, Aura Meditation, Mantra Meditation etc.
Meditation practiced by effortlessly focusing on the seven chakras (energy centers) in our body is known as the Chakra Meditation.
Aura Meditation on the other hand cleanses and expands the Aura.
Mantra Meditation is carried out using the Mantra received from one's spiritual Guru.
Though the meditations may sound different, all of them are intrinsically the same and lead us to the ultimate goal of liberation! It is absolutely essential to learn meditation from a spiritual Master as he is the only one who can guide us according to our needs.

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