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How to Fight a Traffic Violation in North Carolina

    • 1). Appear at the arraignment on your traffic charge. The arraignment date is typically written on the summons the police officer gave you when you were ticketed. You need to plead guilty or not guilty at the arraignment.

    • 2). Present mitigating evidence to the prosecutor. If you have been charged with driving without insurance because you forgot to carry your insurance card, show the prosecutor your proof of insurance. So long as you can show you had coverage on the date of the ticket, the prosecutor will usually dismiss the case and, after briefly appearing before the judge, you will be free to go.

    • 3). Plead not guilty and set the matter for trial. If you cannot provide proof to get the charge dismissed, you will need to request a trial on the matter. The court will set a trial date, typically one month from the arraignment. Use this time to prepare your case for trial by reviewing the state's evidence (the prosecutor will hand you, or mail you a copy of the file).

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