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How and where to spend on social media advertising in 2014?

Social media advertising has gained a lot of importance in the last few years. You can't just rely on PPC campaigns to bring business to your company. You need to have strong social media presence as well. To build a social media presence, you also need to have budget for different social media advertising campaigns targeting your customers. The year 2013 has seen some major changes in social media advertising scene and now, you have multiple options to advertise your product or services:

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads have become very popular in 2013. The company brought major changes in their advertising campaigns for desktop and mobile apps. According to research, more than 64% of Twitter users use mobile apps to login. That's why; it holds multiple opportunities for businessmen to place their ads on Twitter, which could be easily accessed by their followers via mobile. Before you do that, please ensure that your website is mobile friendly otherwise your ad could take them to a broken link and you will lose the lead.

Google+ Ads

Google+ haven't introduced ads feature yet but there are rumors that they are testing +Post ads. There is news that this feature would be available in 2014. If it happens, it could give you an opportunity to promote your business via the Google+ channel too, which has made its place. The fact that it is linked with Google makes it all the more attractive.

Facebook Video Ads

In a recent update, Facebook introduced its video ads, which will also feature in the notification section of their targeted audience. YouTube's promotional video ads have already been helping the businessmen to generate leads. Similarly, Facebook Video ads can do wonders for your business too. Although, Facebook is still testing its video ads option but there are chances that it would be available soon for the users.

Posting ads on other important social media portals

Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Snapchat are social media portals that could serve as good place to run your ad campaigns. You can use any of the portals where you have a strong presence. In this way, you would be able to reach more targeted customers. For example, there are many businesses that focus on LinkedIn and have a strong following there. They need to set a budget to run ad campaigns on LinkedIn, which could eventually help them to get ore leads.

As far as social media marketing advertising campaigns are concerned, there seems to have a lot of options for businessmen in 2014. Instead of putting your entire focus on Google's PPC campaigns or organic search engine optimization techniques, you should have a separate budget for SMM ad campaigns too.

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