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Doxorubicin Side Effects

    Types of Common Side Effects

    • Common side effects of doxorubicin include nausea, vomiting, sores in your mouth or on your lips and complete, reversible hair loss.

    Solution for Vomiting

    • Many patients who take doxorubicin receive relief from vomiting with the use of prescription antiemetic medications. Discuss this option with your doctor if vomiting becomes frequent or unmanageable during the course of your chemotherapy.

    Time Frame

    • Many side effects of doxorubicin develop within the first few hours following treatment. Others occur between five and ten days later or even up to three months after your chemotherapy treatment is over.

    Features: Cardiovascular Toxicity

    • Toxic effects to your cardiovascular system are possible while taking doxorubicin, causing rapid or slowed heart rate, congestive heart failure or inflammation of your heart muscles. Because of this, your doctor is likely to administer regular EKG tests to monitor the health of your heart during treatment and in the months that follow its conclusion.


    • There is a risk of developing shortages of white and red blood cells or platelets during doxorubicin treatment, causing high fevers, sepsis, viral or bacterial infections, sudden bleeding in your brain and even death.


    • Because doxorubicin causes toxic effects upon the fetus, doctors rarely prescribe this type of chemotherapy for pregnant women.

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