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Change - Here and Now, One of the Best Example in Present Days

The clouds have gone.
"Change" has been massively elected above experience and a continuation of the current policy.
The high-turnout indicates this too; people voted more than average.
And as the economical situation deterred over the last weeks or month, change became more and more the item of the elections.
McCain tried to handle this by stressing this with the phrase "I'm not George Bush" yet it was not enough.
In the whole campaign Obama was constant about his message, which made it the more credible.
In the world Obama was also the most supported candidate of the two.
This means that both internally as externally he meets nearly full support.
But the legacy is enormous; economic and political problems, both internal and external.
How much space is there to move? Where is he going to make the difference? All eyes are focused on this new change leader.
The question now is: was it the person (and personality) of Obama what led to the massive victory or are people really screaming for a change.
In this last case, it would show how bad the economy really is doing.
This is one of the first requirements in order to start change programs.
The situation must be "bad" so that people are longing for a change.
The next thing is expectations.
These are high.
Because the problems are big.
On the other hand, the expectations may be moderate because many have had enough of the previous presidency.
But will the change offer improvements, or merely differences but not for the better.
Everybody who could witness this election and this new phase will experience one of the mayor changes in history.
We can witness what will change, how it is done, when and how successful it will be.
All ingredients that companies are dealing with in managing change are present: the expectations, the crisis or (economic and political) climate, support, leadership (Obama, the US), Resistance, conflicts of interests and the final implementation.

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