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Technique. "The manner in which details are treated." More often technique has come to be accepted as a good way of doing things. The preferred way. So when we use a telephone technique we take it to mean the best way of using the telephone to accomplish what we want to.
Using that telephone selling technique will help you when talking to these types of people.

Someone who is not accustomed to buying by phone.
With this type of prospect you need to relay to them a good reason for making the call, and mention it at the beginning to keep his interest. The whole conversation moves forward from this premise. The reason you mention is the reason why the person should listen, so it must be catchy and appealing.

People who do not recognize that they need or want your product or service.
Prepare your benefits before the call, mention them immediately and be ready to support them.

People who need your product or service but have not yet developed a real desire for it.
Here you must stimulate the prospect to action.

People who are not in the market for what you are offering.
If this is the impression you get and it is clear, move on. Do not waste the prospect's time or your own. The quicker you get to someone who has interest in what you are offering, the better your chances of success. On the phone it is a numbers game. Especially when cold calling.

People who will buy before you finish your story.
When you hear a yes or get the feeling of a yes, close immediately. If the first close does not work then keep their interest and try several more trial closes.

No one can sell everyone all the time. The idea is to get to those that can be sold, (or at least have an open mind to being sold ) as quickly as possible. That applies to any phase of sellin

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