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How to Pitch Pop-Up Tents

    • 1). Select where you want to pitch your tent. The location should be flat and free of rocks or roots that could puncture the floor of your tent. Clear any loose debris, like pine cones and rocks, from the area.

    • 2). Unpack your tent and set your poles and stakes aside.

    • 3). Unfold the tent and lay it out flat. Orient it such that the front is facing the way you want it when it is up.

    • 4). Assemble your tent poles; most tents have two or three. Some tents come with poles that are already joined together so you don't have to figure out which goes where, but others require you to fit them together yourself. In that case, fit the smaller, pinched ends into the larger ends.

    • 5). Slip the poles through the loops that run diagonally across the top of the tent, hooking the ends of the poles into their pockets at the base of the tent. It is usually easier to have a helper hold one pole up while you put the other through, so the tent doesn't collapse. When all the poles are properly in place, the tent should stand on it's own.

    • 6). Get your stakes and hammer. If you don't have a hammer, you can find a rock with a flat bottom to use instead. Find the loops along the base of the tent and hook the stakes through them. Hammer the stakes into the ground at an angle, so that the bottom of the stake is pointing inward, toward the tent.

    • 7). Check that your tent is secure by gently shaking it from side to side. If any of the stakes are loose, readjust them.

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