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How to Cleanse the Soil of Whipworms

    • 1). Take all your pets to the veterinarian for a pharmaceutical whipworm treatment, which can take up to eight weeks to become effective.

    • 2). Remove all pet feces from your yard at least once a day. Dispose of it in a sealed trash bag.

    • 3). Treat your lawn with a brine of 1 1/2 pounds of salt per gallon of water. Apply one pint per square foot. You can also use borax instead of salt in the same proportions.

    • 4). Keep waste from accumulating on your lawn. Make sure all your pet's living spaces are disinfected with a product suggested by your veterinarian.

    • 5). Walk your dogs on gravel and concrete surfaces when they need to relieve themselves, which keeps worms from re-entering your soil.

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