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Funny Pick Up Lines For To Get The Woman You Want

You're on one of the hot clubs, you've just noticed a very beautiful girl smiling at ya - What're you going to do?

Learn The Secrets and The Skills to Pick Up Beautiful Women On The Spot!

For many men, their honest answer would be "Not a single thing". They spend the evening rooted to the spot, pint in hand, staring through the crowds in the hopes that willpower alone will draw that hot chick closer. I don't think I need to tell you that this won't work - If one thing is certain, it is that you won't get the girl with you home if all you do is NOTHING.

No, if you want a hot chick's name and number, the only way to get it is to go on over there and talk to her.

Unfortunately, for many men, that's easier said than done?

Approaching a woman unprepared can seem like a terrifying prospect. You know that you need to present yourself as witty, smart and sexy, but you also know that you cannot rely on your brain and body to do exactly what you ask of it. The beautiful girl, all her friends watching combined with the amount of alcohol you've consumed, you just know that something will go very wrong and you'll end up making a fool of yourself.

This is where funny pick up lines come in. Armed with a great one liner, we can go over to that girl safe in the knowledge that the first thing to come out of our mouth will be amusing.

But, do they really work? The pick up lines? It seems like every girl complain about all the terrible pick up lines some guys try to hit on them with. Are these one liners really that terrible? That terrible that it repulse woman and we're having absolutely no chance of getting anything out of her?

It really depends on how you use them. Pick up lines can be a very good tool if you learn how to use it properly.

First of all, don't ever use a pick up line there's older than you are. "If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" might work just fine when your dad was a hopeful teenager, but today - forget it. Likewise, any line which involves angels or phoning her mother.

Your pick up lines shouldn't be staged or use any props. Don't ever spill a drink and say something like, "Now that the ice is broken, how about it?", Its a waste of good liquer and you ain't going to get any points for that kind of behavior. If your pick up line sounds like something you use 50 times a day on every chick passing by, she will notice and shot it down.

Last, never be rude or offensive, even though it might seem funny. jokes about her private parts will definately put her off, even if all you're after is a one night stand.

You should go for pick up lines that are brief, funny and original.

Dont forget, chicks on clubs know exactly what you're trying to accomplish. A funny pick up line might get her to laugh, but the trick is to get her to laugh with you, not at you - it's all about how you say stuff.

Be self-deprecating. Next time you spot a beautiful girl, try to say your funny pick up line and then say something like, "I'm sorry, I know that's really terrible - I just wanted an excuse to come and talk to you." Something like this is both flattering, funny and honest and how could she shoot your down after saying something like that.

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