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"LIBRA - The Lame One" e-Mail and A Scriptural Method Of Dealing With Threatening & Dumb M

Like most of us cyberspacer's, I receive more than my fair share of e-mail forwards.
I welcome e-mail messages from a person who writes to me and requests that he or she be added to my "1st Team Alert" Good Buddy's" list, by sending a request that says, "Add Me" to: Rascal.
Some of the mails that I receive are very inspiring.
I have labeled them as "Inspirational" in my gmail filing cabinet.
Others are fairly funny.
Most of these, find themselves in my "Humor" file for possible later retrieval, should the right need arise.
There are about a hundred categories that I've created, not counting the "Name" files that exist, to accommodate particular types of e-mails.
Many disappear directly via the delightful "Discard' button, any that suggest,"You must forward this on or suffer drastic consequences.
I Am not Superstitious"!!! Early this morning, I opened a e-mail from a person whom I deeply respect.
To my amazement, it was a "Dumb' forward.
My immediate impulse was to delete the message.
Then, my mind flashed to Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to [His] purpose.
" I read the mutated message.
Someone had evidently read a work called "The Addict," to write a very poor summery of a more enlightened author's work.
I won't paste the e-mail in here.
I would not foist such nonsense on, nor waste the valuable time, of my valued readers.
Suffice to say, "It was bad".
Rather, I will paste in my response that "The Holy Spirit" gave to me to forward on to a few of my "1st Team Alert" Good Buddy's: Hey ~ Good Buddy :) While I don't usually even read something that threatens me with dire consequences~ if I fail to forward it on ~ I did read this"Sick Astrologer's" or "Attempted author's" butchered version of a probably all right write from in a book :( Right now ~ since Iam a "LIBRA - The Lame One" ~ and I don't really need "9 years of bad luck" ~:(( ~ on the outside chance that this e-mail originator carries some clot with the fractured future of those poor souls that hang ALL of their faith on to the stars ~I Am forwarding this abortion on to a few sane folks that Iknow do know better :)) The stars ~ may indeed offer ome answers~ buthardly read like this :( In The Name Of Jesus ~ I Take Authority Over ANY Curses ~ Or "Bad Luck" ~ Associated With This e-mail Forward! LuV Ya :) Rascal :)) Well, this Apostle Series Article presents an opportunity to make use of an outrageous e-mail.
I trust that I have accomplished its purpose of my receipt via publication of this brief ezine article.

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